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My Home In Carnac websites operating principles ?

To be a tenant on My Home In Carnac community you must create a user account by filling in the information related to your profile. The more is this one complete, the more you will enrich My Home In Carnac's community and also reassure the owners with whom you wish to rent a property.
Each My Home In Carnac website corresponds to a specific tourist area in which it will be up to you to find the holiday home that you want through our search engine.
Of course you can select multiple properties for which you have a 'crush' and add them to your selection, consult the various comments left previously by other tenants on the properties you are interested in and then make several information or reservation requests.
Once you viewed answers to your requests and made your choice on the holiday home you wish to book, you will enter your credit card details to confirm the booking through our secured payment platform.
It is important to note that as long as the owner did not confirm the booking, your credit card will not be charged. You can make multiple booking requests and choose the property whose confirmation comes in first (then you will have to cancel the other reservation requests you have made).
Once your holidays ended, do not hesitate to enrich once again My Home In Carnac's community by leaving a review (accessible from your interface in the tab 'your opinion') about your place of residence or sharing a good or bad experience that will benefit other holidaymakers.

If you are on one of the My Home In Carnac websites it means that you already have a fairly clear idea of the area where you wish to stay. From then on you simply select in the search bar the city or town you are interested in, enter the number of people, the dates of your stay and then start searching.You have the option to add search criteria by clicking on the 'Advanced Search' such as the price range, or property with a swimming pool. The answer list corresponding to your requirements will therefore be generated.

To contact an owner on My Home In Carnac, you must have created a user account on the website. When an ad catches your attention, click on the button 'Send my request', having previously set the number of people and the dates for which you are interested in this property.It is important to note that even if your dates are still unclear, it does not prevent you from specifying them as such to the owner you are contacting and thereby begin a dialogue with him.
In case you try to apply to an owner without a user account previously created, you will be redirected to a page telling you to create this account.
Each owner profile contains information about the speed and diligence of the owner to respond. You can view this information in the description of the property and if you wish, privilege properties for which the owners give the quickest reply. In any case please do not get frustrated if the owner does not respond to you immediately, we will arrange to chase after him within 24 hours after a request remaining unanswered.

We highly encourage owners to keep their calendars up to date. You can view these calendars in the section 'price and availability' of the property detail page. However, these calendars may occasionally be out of date, and if you really like the property it is always better to send a message to the owner to check availability.

Some properties carry a pictogram 'instant reservation'. This means that you can make a firm reservation without waiting for a reply from the owner about the availability of his property. Indeed, calendars of owners who have put their properties on instant reservation are constantly updated. However, the reservation will only be confirmed upon acceptance by the owner.

You can use the advanced search engine to look for properties in which animals are allowed . You will also find this information in the tab 'description' of the page describing each property. If no specific mention appears in this place, it means that you need to ask the owner first.

We highly recommend you to multiply inquiries to make sure you find a property where to spend your next vacation.

When you are logged into your My Home In Carnac user account and you have a new message, a small envelope appears in the top right of the homepage. Just click on the envelope to read your new message and access the thread of the conversation with the owner who is answering you. Each message contains a status indicating the progress of your discussions with the owner of the property concerned. You can also access your inbox through the submenu located under your name on the home page.

''Property available':
The owner confirms that the dates you have requested are available and answers eventual questions that you have asked him. He confirms that the price matches the reality, you just have to book by clicking on the 'booking' button or you can if you wish continue chatting with the owner.
'Property unavailable':
The property requested is not available for the period you wish, it has either been rented for those dates or simply is not available for rent. It may also be that the reception capacity of the property you have selected is not adequate for the number of people you want to accommodate. In all these cases, it is up to you to carry on looking for a new property by using our search engine.
'New offer':
You asked the owner to give you a special price, have decided to change the original dates of your stay or the dates you have chosen do not quite match with the availability of the owner. The latter then will send you a new offer with new dates and / or a revised price.
'Reservation Request':
You found the right rental for you and have provided us with the payment information necessary to reserve this property. Your exchange with the owner goes under the status of 'booking request'. This means that your reservation will become effective, after the owner will have accepted it.
'Confirmed reservation':
The owner gave a favourable answer to your booking request. Your booking becomes definitive and goes under the status 'confirmed reservation'.

You have two options to carry on the conversation with the owner. The owner informs you that his property is unavailable, in which case you can send him a new message in order to request, for example on new dates. In this case, compose your message in the area provided and click 'Send'. The owner has confirmed the availability of his property or made an alternative or promotional offer that interests you. You may again carry on your discussion with the owner in writing a message and click 'Send' or book from now the property. To do so, click on the button 'Book' at the top right next to the price information relating to the period of interest . You will then be routed to a secure payment page from which you can enter your credit card information.

Some owners are of course faster than others to reply. That being said, you may firstly view the average response time of the selected property owner to get an idea of the time within which you will receive a reply. In addition, My Home In Carnac ensures that tenants who visit our websites receive a prompt response to their request and we chase after owners who do not respond within 24 hours following an information request. If you have made a reservation request to finalize your rental, the owner has a maximum of 36 hours to answer you whereafter the application expires.

When you Click on the button 'book' and communicate your credit card details, the owner is notified that you firmly want to rent his property. It is then shown in your mailbox 'Booking awaiting confirmation from the owner'. It is up to the owner to confirm this booking within 36 hours. Once the reservation is confirmed by the owner, you get a message telling you this confirmation and the status of your exchanges goes to 'confirmed reservation'. My Home In Carnac will also send you a booking confirmation message. Then, you will be able view the details of your reservation from your interface in the tab 'my reservations.

We have selected the owners who are present on our website for their reliability and their respect in general for set rules so that this possibility will be very rare . That said, in the case where an owner were to solicit you in that sense, we strongly advise you against responding positively to this request. Indeed, first we could no longer guarantee the security of the transaction and your cover for subsequent problems. Furthermore, we check the conversations on our websites and these practices are likely to cause your permanent exclusion of our community and therefore jeopardize your use of our websites.

My Home In Carnac acts as trusted third party, that means your payment(s) is / are collected by us and we ensure that they are paid to the owner of the property you have rented under the terms of the booking conditions and under our protection policy. This system provides security to the tenant as the owner. During the period My Home In Carnac keeps your rents they are deposited on an escrow account. Your rents are kept safely by our care.

The payment is done in two installments. 30% is paid upon booking. The remaining 70% are paid prior arrival. Usually payments are made by credit card, but upon request it can be done by bank cheques or wire transfers.
If you do your reservation less than 30 days prior arriving, then the payment is done in one installment.

All payments are made in Euros. Tenants paying with a credit card linked to a foreign currency account support exchange fees.

My Home In Carnac works for the selection of properties on its different websites in order to offer tenants an attractive range of available rental housing and this regardless of the price range. Any tenant booking through My Home In Carnac benefits systematically from a cancellation insurance in case of major event and from a Civil Liability Insurance allowing him to avoid subscribing one. Our service fees range from 7.5% to 11.5% VAT included.

When a reservation is confirmed you are notified by email. You can check the details of your booking (dates, payment terms, owner's contact details, etc.) by clicking on 'my bookings' tab on your interface.

If you encounter any problems at time of payment, make sure that the information you entered is correct or that your account contains sufficient funds. Nevertheless, it is possible that your credit card may be mistakenly denied. In this case, contact your bank stating the situation and ask them to validate the transaction. You can also contact us by telephone to give us your credit card details.

In the event that your card expires between the time you made the reservation and the beginning of your stay, you need to contact us in order to inform us of its new details. Indeed, the perception of the rental price can be done in several instalments and a refusal to charge your credit card might cause the cancellation of your reservation. In addition, your credit card details may be required for setting up the deposit or else in connection with the application of the Cancellation Policy included in your booking terms.

If after finalizing the booking, additional fees to be paid are requested to you by the owner (eg, bike rental, extra bed, pet), you can decide by mutual agreement to pay these fees directly upon arrival or outside our website. However, for your own security and in order that My Home In guarantees transactions' validity, it is preferable to contact us in order we update the amount to pay, allowing you to make this additional payment through our platform. It is quite obvious that it is always easier to agree on all possible additional expenses upon booking.

For each property advertised, the owner has the option to ask My Home In Carnac to manage the deposit he requests. But if he decides not to proceed through us, this is a point that you will manage directly with him without involving us in case of damage to the rented property. Under no circumstances should you pay the deposit required before entering the premises.

If the owner of the property you are renting has chosen to use our website to manage its deposit system, you will not need to deal with this issue directly with him at the time of your arrival. In case of dispute at the end of the rental My Home In Carnac encourages you to find a common ground on the financial compensation due to the owner and will charge your credit card for that amount. My Home In Carnac will only be able to charge your credit card if you have agreed with the owner on the amount of compensation. If you cannot find an agreement directly with the owner, you have the option to choose My Home In Carnac as conciliator and therefore provide us with all the necessary elements to ensure that we give you our opinion on the amount of compensation due. This opinion will of course be purely advisory and in case of continuation of disagreement, the problem will be solved as appropriate and subject to the conditions of application of the policy by the insurance company that covers owners and tenants from the moment a transaction is made through My Home In Carnac.

You might need to make a claim against the owner for example because of a lack of equipment or furniture announced, which we can of course not verify. You can then ask the owner for financial compensation.
That being said the best way to avoid this kind of debate is to ask the owner to quickly solve the potential problem you are having. We ask each owner to make a real effort to remain available, especially during the first few days of your rental.

If you notice a problem when you enter the premises, the best way to resolve it is to talk with the owner or to contact him. Indeed, 80% of problems are solved easily by providing an opportunity to the owner to do so. However, if the problem persists and / or appears likely to jeopardize your stay, you must inform us within 12 hours following your arrival (imperative deadline) so that we shall suspend the payment of the balance to the owner pending the resolution of the problem. Take photos of the incident in order to give us cause for assisting you if necessary. It is essential that we be informed in writing (email) in addition to your phone call.

If you do not manage to reach the owner and thus enter the premises, the best thing to do is contact us immediately so we can help you to contact him. That being said, we try the best possible to select owners that post ads on our websites and such problems have very low probabilities of occurring. We invite you to come to a firm agreement with the owner prior to arrival.

You can ask the owner to amend the booking terms. The owner is free or not to accept your request for reservation change. You must apply by going to the section 'My Bookings' in your userspace, then using the function 'Reservation change'. You will then be able to exchange again with the owner through the mailbox. However, it is not recommended that you change your booking directly with the owner without using one of our websites since you may no longer claim to be protected by the terms of use and booking terms of our websites.

To cancel a reservation, you must go to the page 'My Bookings' in your userspace and use the function ' Cancel my booking'. Only such procedure allows considering the cancellation of a reservation. My Home In Carnac is then responsible to reimburse you in accordance with the cancellation policy previously defined, and within no more than 30 days following the cancellation date.

You can reach us by email at info@myhomein.fr or if you need to contact us urgently please contact us on the telephone number listed on our website on the page concerning the property you have rented.